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Can I download ContractKen software on my local machine?

We do not provide a locally installable version of the ContractKen software suite. You can, however, download our Word Add-in from here and start using it with Microsoft Word native (desktop) version or Office 365 version. We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) product company that hosts all the applications needed on the cloud. It is the same framework that most products, like Dropbox, DocuSign, SalesForce, and others, use. To access ContractKen, you only need a computer with an internet connection.

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?
There is no need to put in credit card information during free trial sign up.

What are the different types of plans offered by ContractKen?
We offer various plans to suit your custom needs. Please check out our pricing page to know more.


Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. If you are using the free trial, the subscription will end as soon as you cancel the account. If you are a paid user, you can continue using our services until your paid subscription lasts. Your subscription, in this case, will end after your paid tenure with us ends

Can I import contracts to ContractKen?
Yes, You can easily import your contracts to ContractKen account in ‘pdf', '.doc', '.docx', '.txt', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.png' format. We also have a simple drag-and-drop feature to upload contracts easily or connect an existing repository (Dropbox, Google Drive or SharePoint) to ContractKen

General Questons

Sign Up / Login Basics

Sign In / Sign Up Basics

How do I sign up for a ContractKen trial? 

  • Click on "Login" button on the navigation bar at the top of homepage

  • You will see a window open up that has two tabs - Log In and Sign Up

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 3.23.11 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 3.23.19 PM.png
  • Click on 'Sign Up' and you will see the Sign-up form open. You can sign up using your company email account, Google or Microsoft account credentials

Do I need a company email account to sign-up with ContractKen?
No, You don't need a company account to sign-up with ContractKen. Still, an organization account will help in better collaboration in contract drafting, reviewing, and editing, so we suggest you sign-up with your organization email id.

How do I set a password if I registered using Google or Microsoft account?
You don't need to set a password if registered using Google or Microsoft account. You can use those accounts to log in anytime without worrying about a separate password for the ContractKen account.

I forgot my ContractKen account login. How do I log in now?
If you have forgotten your password, there is a link on the login page with "Don't remember your password." Click on the link, and we will send a password reset link to your account email id to set up a new password.

Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and Data Security

How does ContractKen protect my data?

Your data will be secure and kept confidential with ContractKen:
We do not make use of our server infrastructure to store data. As one of the market's most secure hosting options, we rely on Amazon Web Services(AWS). AWS is certified for all necessary security measures. Additionally, you can choose the region of your choice for the server to store your data to ensure it does not leave the country of your choice.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Yes, your data is safe in the cloud. We give utmost priority to the data safety and privacy of our customers. Cloud storage is designed from the ground up for maximum data security. When your data is stored in the cloud, your files are encrypted and continuously monitored to protect against cybersecurity threats. 

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