AI / ML Engineer


Bangalore, India



Job Description

AI/ML Engineer at ContractKen

We are building world's best copilot for contracts, inside Microsoft Word.

Our current NLP pipeline consists of an ensemble of powerful, proprietary ML models to drive various use cases in contract drafting and review. On the top of that, we have built a robust RAG pipeline to leverage LLMs (both private as well as open source).

We are looking to hire a full time ML engineer [open to consulting contracts too] who can accelerate experimentation, development and deployment of latest developments in Generative AI into our RAG pipeline. Candidates are expected to work (as an IC) with software engineers to build complex, end-to-end AI driven products.

Selected candidate would be working with the founding team and contribute to building a best-in-class Document AI for contracts.

Job Requirements


  • Has strong interest and understanding of how LLM space is evolving. Especially Open Source vs Proprietary models (capabilities, cost, sandbox testing, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience in Fine Tuning an LLM for business use case will be highly preferred
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience and understanding in deploying applications using libraries like langchain, llamaindex / gpt-index, etc. for RAG pipeline
  • Demonstrated experience in ingestion of source data using APIs, SQL, etc. and efficient use of NoSQL, vector databases
  • Hands-on experience in building and deploying powerful retrieval engines for knowledge-augmented output or multi-message Q&A/Chat, etc.
  • Strong skills in python and familiarity with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and containerization tech like Docker, etc.
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