Contract Risks: What are Common Contract Risks and How To Overcome These

Amit Sharma
April 20, 2022
1 min read

Managing Common Contract Risks: Strategies and Approaches

Contracts are the life blood of businesses.

Yet your legal, procurement, and contract teams struggle with these key challenges daily:

  • Understanding the risks underlying contract terms and clauses, and summarizing the data to present to CXOs quickly
  • Precisely identifying language related to liabilities, indemnity, warranties, change of control, force majeure, etc., and building a narrative for internal and external stakeholders
  • Tracking and maintaining a consistent position while reviewing, redlining and discussing the same terms several times, as business negotiations change the deal contours over the course of the contract’s life
  • Finding the relevant contract/clauses in the repository (containing specific verbiage, and keywords) quickly and reliably
  • Standardized tracking & management of all contracts where deviations from your firm's (or industry) standard terms or policies occur, especially for certain high-stakes areas

If you relate to one or more of these, can we spend 30-60 minutes together to debug your contract review and management processes?

We will share our expertise and insights from 100’s of such discussions that we’ve had, to help you understand and manage these types of risks better.

Email us at

We promise this will not be a sales call :)

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