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What products & features does ContractKen offer?
  • AI driven Word Copilot help you draft, review and negotiate contracts in a consistent and speedy manner, in accordance with your Playbooks
  • Intelligent Contract Repository to help you store all your contracts at a central location, organize them (by counterparties, type, jurisdiction, client, practice, sales person, etc.), find contracts by name or metadata like parties names, governing law, etc. and search for text within contracts.
Who is ContractKen built for?

ContractKen is for professionals who:

  • Perform rigorous legal review and consistent analysis of contracts drafted on other party’s paper
  • Manage their organization’s clause library, contract review and negotiation playbooks
  • Manage their organization’s repository of signed contracts, track obligations in customer or vendor contracts, respond to internal questions related to individual contracts, etc.

Our current users include Contract Managers, Contract Attorneys, LegalOps teams and Procurement Managers

How can I access ContractKen?

Contact us for a demo or a customized onboarding for your team.

  • Word Copilot can be downloaded and installed as per instructions here
What about privacy & security of data at ContractKen?

ContractKen puts Information Security and Data Privacy at the heart of everything we do. Details of our data security practices are at “Trust Center’.

  • Hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), in the data center located in your geography
  • Separation of customer data
  • Data Encryption in Transit (TLS / HTTPS)
  • Data Encryption at Rest (AES 256 bit encryption)
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Employee Background Verification & Training
  • Continuous Intrusion Detection & Vulnerability Scans
  • Regular Penetration Testing
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Continuous backups using industry leading best practices and tool